Green PC

Green PC

Green Environment And Efficiency

Why… Green PC solution?

01. Cost

Cost burden of purchasing, running and repairing PC hardware.

02. Efficiency

Increases in electricity consumption due to long-time use.

03. Manage

Increases in electricity consumption due to unused PCs that are turned on

04. Security

Release of pollutants and global warming issue.

What is Green PC solution ?

  • Multi PC system under which many separate PCs are stacked up one over the other in layers and stored in a single rack. Unlike the separate PC environment in existence.
  • Energy reduction effects thanks to efficient management of electricity consumption.
  • Pleasant user environment and ease of PC maintenance and repair thanks to simple electric wiring and elimination of fine particles and other pollutants generated from PCs.
  • Use of thermal energy generated from the rack of PCs for cooling and heating purposes.
[pricing_table columns="2"][plan title="Traditional PC"]

  • PC H/W : 60EA
  • Monitor : 60EA
  • Keyboard & Mouse : 60EA
  • PC Rack (60 PC in) : 0EA
  • L2 Switch : 2EA

[/plan][plan title="Green PC" featured="true" color="green-lite"]

  • KVM Set-Top : 60EA
  • Monitor : 60EA
  • Keyboard & Mouse : 60EA
  • PC Rack (60 PC in) : 1EA
  • L2 Switch : 2EA


Reduces the space needed for installation by 1/4

  • Green PC
  • PC

Reduces noise and
heat Zero

  • Green PC
  • PC

Reduces electricity
consumption by 30~40%

  • Green PC
  • PC

Reduces maintenance
costs by 30%

  • Green PC
  • PC

Easy to repair and replace H/W.
Easy to manage PCs stacked up in layers thanks to sliding blade case.
Green PC has the following characteristics and strength

Convenient to manage H/W upgrade
Easy to manage H/W asset and prevent theft
Intensive maintenance is possible so as to increase lifetime of hardware

Low noise & low heat environment
Reduce pollutants including micro dust to provide pleasant office
environment and large work space

Easy user management
Easy data security and back-up management
Easy PC management / Easy maintenance

Save energy through high-efficiency power supply

Green PC fits IT environment

Develop and provide low-power and high-efficiency IT equipment

IT= environment
“Hippo eating electricity”. Each PC emits 1 ton of CO2 annually

It is necessary to introduce green PC and it will be a new challenge
IT industry has focused on functionality/performance enhancement so far. Now it is time to respond to social, economic, and institutional demand concerning its implication on IT environment.

The Government decided on “Green IT national strategy” (2009)

Green IT
Mobile web application
Industry + IT convergence expansion
Ubiquitous collaboration
Expand the application of virtual reality technology
Combine social computing and corporate business
Data protection
Integrate public areas SW + IT service demand
Copy right protection

Thus, Green PC is appropriate for you


Central Energy Control System   which centralizes PC racks based on DC leads to more than 30% of direct cost and indirect heating cost saving compared to general PCs. It helps secure pleasant and spatial office environment, and thus gives additional opportunity to utilize top surface.


PC centralization resolve the issue of top surface, heat, noise, electronic  wave, and micro dust, thereby  enabling a pleasant work environment.


Provide off-line after-sales-service and maintenance response service by  KT Corporate center across the nation and one-on-one (refer to the attachment). Run call center and help desk dedicated to after-sales-service,  and provide web-service (distant support for after-sales-service). Enhance PC management efficiency and offer the function of data security and back-up (provide dedicated recovery tools). Offer collective management, which prevents user damage/theft and facilitates maintenance. Offer added service of distant computer-control service (iPad and iPhone)

Green PC components

A variety of Green PC Systems (e.g. super low power consumption type, general supply type, and high-end type)
provide the most optimal PC functionalities suited to customer use environment.

[pricing_table columns="3"][plan title="Basic service (supply items)" color="white"]

  • Rack : 42U
  • Power Supply : SMPS(Switched Mode Power Supply)
  • KVM : Ethernet

[/plan][plan title="Added service" color="white"]

  • PC recovery : Scheduling PC recovery function, etc.
  • KT afedsik : Provide network disk.
  • PC backup : Data backup and recovery.
  • PC management : Distribution, control, web blocking, etc.

[/plan][plan title="Others" color="white"]

  • PC peripherals : Monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • PC OS : Monthly license.


Main functions for Green PC management

Easy control PC
A admin control all PC at same time

Remote PC control function
It enables manager PC to access user PC remotely and power it off

SW distribution function
It enables automatic installment of SW at user PC and distribution of files from manager PC

URL blocking function
It enables manager PC to block user PC web page