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United executive team through youth and ambition that a big potential and property for DEARBIZ. DEARBIZ will grow into the trust of our customers which base on creative and innovative services. We will continue to do our utmost efforts for customer satisfaction which base on The best products and services
We promised working our best on today constantly tomorrow for develop new technology, ask your continued encouragement and support.

Message from CEO

Digitized quickly around the Internet and info-communications, The 21st century is the time to be emphasize the importance of the IT industry than ever before. As well, modern digital society built base on IT technology. Rapid than procure and acquire the technique of high quality and performance that`s One of the factors influencing the competitiveness of IT companies. executive team and all employees realize with the best quality and best price realization and customer satisfaction, It will be to differentiate and revive the sophisticated and robust localized 21century IT technology company.

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Business Field

Develop Circuit Board Design, PBA, Green PC, Long distance access Device
(KVM, POE KVM, PCI KVM, PCI switch, Blade PC)


119, Sohyang-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA

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